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In the firefight!
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Experience a first person
shooter as you never have before

Onward is a Mil-Sim paced tactical multiplayer shooter, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. Players will use coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill to complete objectives in online infantry combat. With weather effects, and multiple environments and scenarios, no skirmish will feel the same. With limited respawns, no HUDs, and no crosshairs, players will need their wits and combat skills to survive.

Key Features

  • Solo and Co-op game modes
    Take on AI enemies to hone your skills against our AI opponents. Chase down all enemies in the a Hunt, or hold off the enemy forces as you wait for your extraction in an Evac mission. Explore maps freely or go to the shooting range to familiarise yourself with the wide variety of weapons in the game, all of which are unique and require knowledge to operate.

  • Two unique factions with a wide variety of weapons
    Onward focuses the battle between the modern militaristic MARSOC faction which has access to modern weapons including the AUG, M16, M1014 P90 and the M249 light machine gun and the insurgent Volk forces who utilise weapons such as the AKS74U, the Makarov, and even an RPG launcher. This is only a small sample of what awaits in game.

  • Multiplayer battles with up to ten players
    Take to the online battlefield in a high stakes clash with up to ten people and best your enemies on a strategic and tactical level. Choose one of three objective based modes where you need to fight for control over an Uplink station, get the VIP to safety (or prevent it), or secure an area long enough to upload a code through your tablet.
  • Community created content
    Create your own battlefields in Onward by building custom maps and using them in the game. We actively support the creative forces in our community with developing unique content for the game.
Our latest updates
Dev Blog

Sitrep: March
March 30th, 2023

Hello Onward Community,

We wanted to update you on the status of the studio in regards to the layoffs at Meta that occurred earlier this month. Meta acquired Downpour Interactive two years ago, and Downpour operates within the Oculus Studios group in the Reality Labs portion of the company. Meta recently had to make some tough decisions in regards to staffing throughout the organization. Unfortunately, this did impact our studio. Onward is not being shut down, and we are continuing to support the game [..]

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Sitrep: March
March 30th, 2023

Hello Onward Community,

Did you draw a battle plan for Egress? Is the MP7 everything you dreamed it would be? We hope you are continuing to enjoy all the new content that came with update 1.10. We were thrilled to see all your positive reactions and feedback.

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